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Why age is just a number?- Glen Deveron 20 Years

Why age is just a number?- Glen Deveron 20 Years

Why age is just a number?

Well I am 'maturing' faster than any whisky I know (maybe since I am from India) and they say that whisky here matures faster than any other place. Considering that I have a fair bit of whisky in me I am sure that age will be a just a number for many years to come 😉

In case someone is wondering where did this distillery come up from don't get to perturbed, is the same as Macduff and the name change happened in 1994. Actually very little of the malt from the distillery actually gets bottled as single malt, less than 10%.This bottle was sold to my father in a duty free when he was pondering over what to buy, and it was sold hard with some free whisky stones and a very strong recommendation of it being a stellar Whisky. Quite a hefty tag I would say 115$ US.

Let's find out if it's going to be just the stones or if the whisky is as good as what the sales man recommended.

Name: Glen Deveron 20 years old

Release: Says " Royal Borough Collection"

ABV: 40%

Colour: Chestnut Oloroso Sherry

Nose: Grape wine, ripe fruit, cereal and malt. It's quite good with a promise of richness and seeing the expectation high indeed. It's not a wound up whisky, is pretty expressive on the nose

Mouth: A very bland opening almost nothing on the palate and i had to wait for a full the seconds before i felt anything else (maybe the 40% abv). Then there is some but of sweetness coming up from the malty cereal but ever so slightly. Turns grassy and buyers evolving very quickly, if you chew on the whisky like how I do to taste then it gets quite bitter. It's just so flat! it's quite unbelievably so! There is nothing happening here even when I wait for a few minutes.

There must be something missing here, my old man paid a100 bucks for this!!!

Adding Water: Adding a drop of water and then......I think i just nuked it! Absolutely destroyed it the nose which carried the promise just turned bitter with Oak notes and dry vinegar.

So folks this would be a classic one to choose in a vertical that age statements tells you nothing about the whisky. You can have a 3 year old Whisky beating a 20 year old. But yes i would surely recommend this to any one who wants proof that age is just a number or yes one who needs whisky stones. So the royalty of the borough is really not to my liking!

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