Duty Free malts at Istanbul
June 14, 2018
Private Tasting with Friends
June 27, 2018

Tips: NOT to buy at US Duty Free Stores

Tips: NOT to buy at US Duty Free Stores

We take the menu card to the US shores today!

Now this post carries two important messages.

1) DONT EVER THINK OF BUYING FROM DUTY FREE STORES IN THE USA (at least the TRF duty free at Dallas) - Well just take a closer look at those pictures and the prices. I have seen some duty free stores where the prices are not so friendly but I imagine this would take the cake! Also the range is nothing special to talk about. The usual travel retail stuff nothing standing out

2) So the second lesson would be KEEP LOOKING EVEN IF YOU NOT BUYING -why? Cause stores such as these which you wouldn't consider buying would perhaps have some left over stock? One of these images made me spot a Bere Barley 2008 @84$ which I think would be a good pick. So keep your eyes open folks never know when silver caps start shining at you 😉

No recommendations on this guys, I think I have made my point about the prices and range here!

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