Looking at the subject through a glass!!!
April 1, 2014
Buck For The Bang!!! – Whisky Investment
August 16, 2014

There are hidden ones and there are ones you should hide!

The latter in this case. Absolute nothing in this 'Blended Malt' contrary to the perfection mentioned in red on the label. It tasted like ummmm water? With some spirit and throw in some cherry brandy that is produced in excess and voila!

The second one from Sikkim. Well this one is supposed to be a Single Malt. As you can see the label says its won all kinds of awards! Winner of International Gold Medals Madrid 1994 & 1995, American Quality Award New York 2001, Euro Market Award Brussels etc... so that is quite an statement. Lets see how much of it is actually true! So the colour is hazy honey and it looks non-chill filtered if the distillery does such a thing. Label does not say this. First whiff is sweet...I mean very sweet. Jack fruit? Molasses? Again let’s take another whiff....grape? Brandy? Where is the malt here? Ok swirling and almost no dregs this looks to be very young. First sip....oh this is bitter very bitter very unlike the nose! No sweets, no maltiness, actually this feels like brandy or flavored vodka not like a whisky at all!!! I very much doubt it is a single malt. Awards? I guess thats a creative label! Ill verify that tomorrow!

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