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August 12, 2017
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Sour grapes & Tragic ends- Bowmore Black Rock

Sour grapes & Tragic ends- Bowmore Black Rock

Traditionally Bowmore has not done well in my books and the minimal range I have tasted have left me disappointed and wondering how those old legendary Bowmore malts must actually taste like. But then this for me is indeed a case of sour grape, as the ones I am referring Toni awe are truly legendary in all aspects; including the price.

So when my old man picked this one up from a duty free (without consulting me the ‘expert’ at home) I was critical to begin with 😉.

The doubts were alarming when he whisked through the bottle till the level you see, without offering me a dram. So curiosity peaked I dive in when he is asleep.

Colour: Looks fantastic with lots of caramel I suppose 😆. But some where between Old Oak & Brown Sherry

Nose: Oops did I just get this wrong? The box says Peat Smoke, Treacle Toffee & Oranges. What I did nose was wet burnt cardboard with more than a few hints of oxidisation! Unpleasant medicine, plastic barrels 😳. I am absolutely repulsed by this! I tell myself to be brave and have faith.

Palate: Very light on the tongue (40% ABV) burnt wood, some traces of toffee and vanilla in the distant horizon, very distant and the clouds cover the horizon pretty fast!

Finish: The Peat is a bit more obvious here, it’s clean rather raw Peat, not medicinal. There is a wrap around the tongue which lasts a pretty long time but it is not good. It feels like again wet burnt wood.

Hate to think of what water does to this but I will trudge on for the benefit of all my readers just in case you see this bottle on your travels.

The nose just got disastrous! I now know what this feels like... a bottle of Glen Elgin which was oxidised for 5 years and absolutely repulsive!

The palate however improves, the water making it slightly better. I now see the toffee they mention and vanilla with a better representation of Peat. Mind you all this is in comparison to the neat version. I am thinking very hard to see what are the positives of this dram and I have to say it is the colour. 🤨

Easily one of the worst in my book and certainly bet the last Bowmore hollow in dropping to the bottom.

A tragic end to an otherwise good weekend! Have a good week ahead folks and careful about the rocks lying around especially the black ones 🤣! 🥃

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