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More the merrier or is it getting crowded?- Review of the Peter Scott Black Single Malt

More the merrier or is it getting crowded?- Review of the Peter Scott Black Single Malt

India's GDP in the first quarter is clocking at 8. 2 andthe sentiments seems to be catching on with single malts being produced here. Amrut, Paul John, Solan Gold, Rampur and now Peter Scott Black! Always wanted the Indian Malt scene to grow and evolve offering more variety to the consumers, these new releases depicts that this is actually happening and as always very thrilled to be a part of the changing skyline for indian whiskies Let's see what this one has to offer

Name: Peter Scot Black
ABV: 42.8%
Distillery: KHODAY
Place of Manufacture: Bangalore, India

I must say its pretty plain packaging, usual bottle of Peter Scot except for this one is green (wondering if this is why its being called black). For readers who are not familiar with Peter Scot, its a blended malt whisky from the same distillery, Khoday, launched way back in 1968, I would say an excellent blend and was the preferred choice in premium spirits before the advent of IMFL and other premium blends such as Blenders Pride, Antiquity Blue etc. Unlike the malt blends plain glass bottle this one is green & label states "Peter Scot Black" in the same calligraphy. I find the label a little too bland for my liking besides the fact of not too many details mentioned. It is a NAS whisky & pretty pricey at 4500 Indian rupees which is close to $65.

The typical red badge on the Peter Scot bottle is now replaced with a black one and has the words "wedded in wood" printed on it. The reverse label states demineralised water and malt spirits apart from the usual legal requsires of price and batch etc. Surprisingly the bottle comes with a plastic cap and a Guala enclosure to prevent counterfeiting and pilferage, this for me is a turn off! why use a cheap plastic cap for a premium spirit? Without getting too carried away with the packaging, let's get to see what the liquid is all about.

Colour: Old gold, this forms a nice ridge on the inner wall of my Glencarin and the legs appears to be heavy and viscous but not really fat.

Nose: This is a lovely nose, this is not very fruity but it has a nice wrap of vanilla and butterscotch, I can smell some roasted almonds and very soft nicely done! The lower ABV has actually done very well here, I took a long time to get the nose right and enjoyed it.

Palate: Does not do very much initially, pretty plain but bitters and wood slowly showing up. Not too much of either but can't really feel too much beyond bitters and a hint of wood. The overall mouth feel is nice and there is a hint of wood coming has indeed got a nice mouthfeel & slightly viscous liquid indicating a bit of fat and oil. With a drop of water the aromas are slightly more evident, more malty some bitter in the background.The liquid turns a little bit dull and cloudy after a drop of water. With water a tiny bit of sugar in the initial mouth and then the bitters and oak take over,nothing too bad or again not too much happening. Like some of the other young malts from the sub-continent (in my opinion) unless the ABV is higher the water disrupts the balance and overall plot.

I would place this to be around 3 to 4 years old and the wood seems to be virgin oak. In conclusion I would say whether it's really good start from the distillery. It's is not something that I would ring the charts but not something that I would pour down the sink. When I bring prices in to the equation which as I mentioned is close to $65 it may not be a preferred choice but surely better than most IMFL whiskies.

So the whisky scene in India seems to be shaping up well, but there is some distance to go for the new distillers to catch up with the standards of the existing ones or to be compared to ones from world over.

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