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September 16, 2018
Duty Free Heathrow whiskies
September 25, 2018

“History lesson folks today- Malt History in India”

"History lesson folks today- Malt History in India"

While some of you may be following our posts of what we are doing now in the present as a club and how the whisky scene in India continues to evolve, today's pictures are just to show you that it has all been done before!!! Way before even I was born right here in India!

A detailed article of my second trip to Mohan Meakin will follow shortly but I could not resist posting these images of the glorious past that this distillery has seen. Malt whisky produced and aged in Kasauli, An age statement whisky in India, 20 years Old!

Absolutely a fantastic experience, unfortunately no such whisky left even at the distillery for me to taste but just the thought about what it must have been keeps me mesmerized. Take a look at the equipment used out there in my article from my last visit on the website

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