Duty Free malts at Athens
June 12, 2018
Tips: NOT to buy at US Duty Free Stores
June 16, 2018

Duty Free malts at Istanbul

Duty Free malts at Istanbul

The pace at which SMAC is able to present to its members the options at the duty free across the world, I would imagine all the travel community from this group is lapping it up and planning their shopping!

Thanking Vinny again for his efforts of sharing this with us on his travels. Today it's the duty free from Istanbul, Turkey.

Please do note that the range depicted here may not represent the complete availability at the duty free

A mixed bag here actually, The Miltonduff 15 and the Glenburgie 15 are the ones we have come across at Mumbai duty free, a few Asian ones as well Kavalan Whisky, The Chita and that is NOT a Yamazaki but is a Yamazakura which I have no idea about!The Talisker Neist point but is a good whisky but is rather expensive IMHO, Laphroaig Brodir is a new one I would imagine that this would be from the second batch, have not tasted myself but not very highly spoken about from experienced and reliable palates.

SMAC Recommends: That BenRiach quarter cask is something I would grab immediately. BenRiach is one of those drams which I feel will do extremely well with Indian palates, the quarter cask has a whole new spin to it. The other ones that are worth considering would be the Tomatin 8 & 12 for daily dramming, The Octomores, PX from Laphroaig.

Pretty decent choice I must say at this location

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