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June 8, 2018
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Dark Waters and Silver Herring

Dark Waters and Silver Herring

Simple indicators to look out for, when picking a bottle of Single Malt whisky.

Now this bottle was picked up by my father on his travels, I think it was the duty free at Bali. Promotional products he tells me. Nothing wrong with the whisky for a daily dram but if you are looking for something special there are some generic signs to keep in mind.

"FINEST OLD"? What does that mean? A very poor attempt to hide the NAS (No Age Statement)

As you can see in one of the images they very clearly declare the use of artificial colours, but if you hold up the bottle or pour the whisky into a glass against a light background you will see the wonderful hue and the dark colour - Now this would be something I would avoid; a NAS whisky so dark?? Now folks do remember that even Lagavulin uses colour for their standard releases but attaining the same with NAS whisky is a generous measure I assume.

TRAVEL RETAIL EXCLUSIVE: Another sign of the times, what used to signify an exclusive and uniquely designed product in the 90's or for that matter as recent as 5-8 years ago is now almost like a warning sign. And there are further details of you dig deeper into details such as 'Travel retail exclusive for Asian markets' now I really wonder how the Asian whisky consumers are the most deserving for this creation.

REAR LABEL " Taking it's name from the old Norse, SHIELDIAG, the Loch of Herring is truly a wild and beautiful place. The sharp fragrance of pine studded islands. The flash of silver herring in the dark waters of the Loch. The shawls of the mist around the shoulders of the nearby Torridon hills. Raise a glass of SHIELDIAG and you'll experience a reflection of this epic landscape in the complex yet balanced flavours of this fine single malt scotch whisky" - WOW! What a fine description of the place, I will leave it to your imagination for the notes/ description of the whisky 'silver Herring and pine are the guidelines'

Nose: Some bit of Oak wood some sweetness of the first whiff making you expect more but suddenly you are hit by the sharp alcohol/ turpentine scents which is not very pleasant

Mouth: Like the nose the initial mouth feel is pretty good good with some bit of fruit and sweetness but then this too dies down to reveal the spirit which IMO is not very 'balanced'

Finish: Very short and crisp, not in a good way I must say. It's good a hint of malt in the background like cereal which leaves you with a malty aftertaste but thats the best that I can note from this.It certainly works better with water, a dash makes it drinkable and a cube of ice takes the edges off.

For a 30- 40 US$ malt whisky I guess this is the best that are available at duty free stores at the Asian markets but as I started the article it's not that special dram you are looking for.

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