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My name is Hemanth Rao & I am the founder of SMAC India (Single Malt Amateur Club). SMAC is a club formed in 2011 with intent of creating a platform to share information, articles and experiences on Single Malt Whisky. This club is for amateurs, professionals & connoisseurs, who share a passion for whisky. The ‘Amateur’ tag has been added to encourage members to shed their inhibitions and speak out & ask. The forum facilitates sharing of tasting notes, experiences, and allows members to share information about Single Malt Whisky. Clearly the club disengages from the traditional approach and snob appeal associated with Single Malt Whisky. This club is for everyone!

Whisky and most notably Single Malts, is widely enjoyed around the globe and has a fascinating background that is steeped in history. Despite this, many people including the most ardent whisky lovers know very little about the production or distillation of malt whisky. In the subcontinent while the spirit commands over 70% of the market share for distilled alcoholic beverages; knowledge about its creation and the variants is limited to say the least.

SMAC offers Whisky Master Classes to bridge this gap and encourage appreciation of this drink. After researching and blogging about malt whisky for over 5 years I have initiated the ‘Whisky Master Class’ for members of the club, individuals & establishments who wish to learn, enjoy & identify various whisky profiles. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to learn about ‘uisge beatha’ (water of life) and the nuances of whisky tasting. These classes are the perfect mix of fun, whisky appreciation & education. It ensures practical whisky-tasting and an overview of the taste profiles based on the terriers of Scotland which is considered to be the ‘Jerusalem of whisky’. This is a short but powerful course that gives you a set of new skills and gets you tasting whisky the way an expert does. These classes also impart valuable tips to all who wish to peruse this passion as a hobby or profession. I curate these sessions on an irregular basis for the members of the clubs or other establishments who wish to pursue this passion as a hobby or as a profession. Some of the previous events have been covered by a leading tabloid in Bangalore and the club has been featured in an international documentary featuring the whisky scene in India.

Unlike any representation of a brand promoting Single Malt whisky in India; I represent an unbiased view on Single Malt whisky! Most of the information available online or in the form of written literature on Single Malt Whisky is attuned to the western expressions and taste buds which might be difficult to connect to. Through these interactive sessions we collectively try and give tasting notes and reviews which one can understand easily and perhaps relate to.




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