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September 25, 2018
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October 5, 2018

“Constellations and dates with them”- Paul John Kanya the exclusive launch

"Constellations and dates with them"- Paul John Kanya the exclusive launch

Sometimes as they say the stars shine on you and you just the at the right time at the right place! When the constellation of "Kanya" or Virgo is in the form of a bottle produced by Paul John you know (being amateurs) we are more than interested! Another exclusive release from the John stables and is fortunately available in the subcontinent. Limited edition only and very few bottles available(Goa, Karnataka). If I recollect right 60 bottles for Karnataka. A premium single malt whisky and is priced at approx 20,000 INR a pop in Karnataka and 17500 INR at the duty free stores placed at airports. (Updated: 6 Bottles Left as on 29/09/18)

Details of the whisky Name: Kanya from Paul John Age: NAS bottle but the illustration behind the box does mention matured for 7 years ABV: 50% Colour: Amber gold with a hint of reddish copper Matured in: First Fill American White Oak As a part of the introduction to this whisky there was an excellent pairing dinner set up by the wonderful hosts from Paul John. Not a food blogger, so I will limit the details of the dinner only to the pictures along with this post. Let's go straight to the whiskies. Yes we had more than one 😁 Paul's Flagship range of single malt whiskies were served paired with the menu (Brilliance, Edited and Bold) as usual Wonderful drams. The Kanya was saved for the grand finale.

Heemanshu being the wonderful story teller that he is, wove the yarn around the production of the whiskies and the origins of the name. I must mention that great care has been taken to design the label of the bottle, if the stars shine on you too please pay attention to the braid of the"Kanya" there is detail there too.

Nose: Delicate sweetness, vanilla, promise of some spice and dry crisp wood

Palate: The first few fraction of seconds you are waiting for something to happen and slowly the tastes emerge. There is sweetness but not overtly so, there is spice and bitters at the very end but the binding is excellent. The mouth has a very rich and viscous feel but at the same time not a heavy whisky. This is a good one. With water more sweetness and more of the spicy hotness leave it for a few minutes and there is salt. Very well done indeed.

The 50% giving the whisky good profile, anything lower IMHO would make this quite mild.

A great dram and wonderfully balanced by Michael.

Now let me address the elephant oops "Lady/Kanya" in the room. Is it highly priced? Yes ofcourse it is!!! 20,000 INR or 275$ US and that is quite a bit to shell out. Would I pay that sum for the bottle and the date? Perhaps I would, if money is not a creteria for my whisky selection. Do remember that 7 years in the Indian conditions equates much longer periods in Scotland. And lastly remember guys that there a lot of detail in the concept of 'Kanya' and dates with such ladies don't come cheap 😉

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