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August 11, 2018
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August 25, 2018

Collections and madness, it’s different you see!- Yash Mittals Collection

Collections and madness, it's different you see! A duty paid collection which is far better 😉

In India there are rules where personal collection of Whisky is prohibited. The anarchist laws limit the personal collection of individuals to a modest number to ensure that no bootlegging takes place. A redundant law kept in place only to facilitate the mind-boggling duties that are applicable.

But we are on a different topic here! Yash Mittal in the UK has been ' decorating' his shelves very well with Amrut, Paul John and multiple other Asian whiskies. Do look at the pictures in detail. I particularly like the one with Amrut; especially the case of greedy angels! ( It seems that the angels are not the only greedy ones 🤣)

He does have a good stash of JW as well, he confessed that the beginnings of his whisky passion was from there and he does enjoy them.

Absolute madness and a wonderful collection! Thanks Yash for creating a museum of sorts, and sharing with us to groan in agony or extacy!

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