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August 16, 2014
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November 6, 2014

Border Skirmishes – Sikkim Whiskies Part II

Exploring Indian whiskies at the borders! Some time earlier we had some of the other brands from Sikkim Distilleries. Now the 'Shangri-la' & 'Snow Lion'

Women have any day better sense of smell then men, I tend to agree with that fact but last night I bet my wife to it.

  1. The Shangri-la first: The nose.... whoa!! What do we have here? Sweet, fruit, port? Sherry? This is very surprising second nose same aromas very clean. First sip...very very light on the palate....what happened here? Moist mud.... lot of wood infact sawdust..not in a good way. No finish very bitter with a bit of cough syrup somewhere in the background. Well this is one whisky where the taste has no sync with the nose. Very good for tastings lessons! But still wondering how that blend got that nose.
  2. Snow Lion: As the label says...this is a corn whisky and not malt no no inspiration from the Snow Phoenix.... assuming that the creator of this brand has no clue. Nose this is very bland no aromas at all...shake it up a bit and still no...let’s add a drop of water...hmmm now I smell alcohol. Well first sip very similar to the Chinese dragon tasted before lots of wood no visible difference due to corn. Very light on the palate again not bitter but still very grassy. No.... this is a very tame Lion.

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