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June 3, 2015
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August 12, 2017

16 Year Old – Completly Legal

An affair to consider…..

The flight was delayed by an hour, 6 hours of flying and long queues had taken its toll. I looked at myself in the reflection offered by the window pane next to my seat. My eyes looked weary; hair was rumpled but not bad for forty three, I fancied I still was good looking. The business trip was long and being away from my family was frustrating. I set my hair right and prepared to disembark, the crowded flight did not help my situation. I needed something….. the airhostess dint have much to offer either. I looked around and nudged the passenger ahead to move on, immigration queues were legendary in India and Bangalore was not an exception. After a brief wait for my turn I stood in front of the immigration officer. But something was distracting me; I felt that I was being stared at from beyond the desk. I looked up and caught a glance. In retrospect I can confess it was love at sight. Was it the colour? or the bright lights that was gleaming? Can’t really figure out which of this reason caught my attention. I quickly grabbed my papers from the officer who had stamped my passport and was waiting for me to move on, I was flushed for sure and muttered an apology as I lugged my stroller along. Now such glances come with a heavy price tag and I knew that very well…..but maybe this is exactly what I needed after a weary journey. A refreshing change, something new, something to look forward and the first look was very inviting.

Hurriedly I moved on to the area where I had caught the fleeting glance, there was a crowd from the flight but it did not matter. I had my eyes set and I knew what I wanted. I expected an exorbitant price for what I had in mind; I smiled to myself….. it was not. Did I observe a gentle smile in return? Was this legal? I almost ignored the 16 years written all over. I dug deep into my pockets and brought out the bills in my pocket and thrust them into the hands of the man standing next to us. I looked around to see if anyone was feeling the pangs of jealousy, of what I had wrapped my arms around. No, I was not being watched.

I rushed out and got into the first taxi, I had to get home fast. It was a silent trip back from the airport I looked closely and observed the wonderful colour and hue which had caught my attention, still looked marvelous in the light offered by the passing street lamps at regular intervals. I had done this before….why was I so eager? This one in particular was new; but yet, the seduction was complete.

Landed home and was as silent as I could be, not to disturb others sleeping upstairs. All was silent, I had to relax and it was not easy. I yielded to my temptation and the first whiff of the opened beauty was almost that of a perfume. Floral, fruity, there was some spice; a mesmerizing provocation to explore more. A touch to the lips and sweet vanilla took over, oh rich and creamy too! When I swallowed…. in anticipation…… the deep oak and nutty finish lingered on my tounge for a long time. I sighed in resignation to the joy of senses. This is going to be a long lasting affair.

The Glenlivet Nadurra. An enticing 16 Year old. Completely Legal.

>By Hemanth A

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