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December 16, 2017
SMAC Featured in Whisky Advocate
January 5, 2018

All Set With Amrut for the New Year

All Set With Amrut for the New Year

All set!

Let us welcome 2018 in patriotic style 🤗

SMAC wishes all its members and followers a very happy & prosperous new year.

2018 promises a host of new whiskies from India and single malt scotch getting a larger share of the Whisky market. I also have reasons to believe that duties on imported spirits may reduce in Karnataka! Last but not the least I promise to bring out a cryptic puzzle for SMAC!

So we have a lot to look forward to in please do appreciate your drinks responsibly.

Don’t drink and drive also make sure your friends and family don’t!

Happy welcoming 2018!

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