Did you just step out of a party in which you met some fine gents who talked endlessly about a 30 year old scotch? Or did you taste the best ‘Poison’ last evening? Forget the whisky you can't even get the pronunciation right? What does peat taste like for you to recognize it in whisky? Fruit in whisky? Hell what is “Single Malt”? Blended whisky not good enough? Or are you just enamored by the yarn that has been woven around the world of whiskies? I would have answered in the affirmative to all of the above questions a few years back.

But over the last years my passion became an obsession and the quest to find some answers and raise many more questions has egged me on to create this club. SMAC was created with the intention of sharing with you my learning on the subject of Single Malt whisky. Having a passion for Single Malt whisky in the Sub continent can be taxing, and I am not talking about the steep taxes for our beloved scotch. The ‘Amateur’ tag has been added to encourage members to speak out & ask questions shedding inhibitions.


SMAC India is a registered establishment which has created a virtual forum for sharing articles and information on Single malt whiskies. This virtual club is for minded people to share tasting notes, experiences, ask questions and seek information about Single Malt Scotch whisky.

Formed in 2011 with intent of creating a platform to share experiences & information on Single malt Whisky, this club is for amateurs, professionals & connoisseurs, who share a passion for whisky. The ‘Amateur’ tag has been added to encourage members to shed their inhibitions and speak. The forum facilitates sharing of tasting notes, experiences, and recent releases. We encourage members to share news from the world of malt Whisky or just an experience with the king of drinks. Clearly the club disengages from the traditional approach and snob appeal usually associated with Single malt Whisky. This club is for everyone!

SMAC is based in Bangalore the silicon valley of India, and has its associate chapter running in Pune. Most of the information on Single Malt whisky, available on the net and books were tuned to the western taste buds and expressions; we hope to change that concept and add the typical Indian flavour to it. Through SMAC we will collectively try and give tasting notes and reviews which readers from the sub-continent will be able to understand easily and perhaps relate to. Having a passion for Single malt whisky in the Sub continent can be taxing, and we are not talking about the steep taxes for our beloved poison. The snooty atmosphere of a grim silver haired gentleman next to a fireplace will be shunned and hopefully we will be able to answer some of your questions sparing you the time spent on research! The members of the club meet on a regular basis to put all the theoretical knowledge to practical experiments! Do register to keep tuned for these events.

This club is for everyone and we do NOT charge for membership!

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