Did you just step out of a party in which you met some fine gents who talked endlessly about a 30 year old scotch? Or did you taste the best ‘Poison’ last evening? Forget the whisky you can’t even get the pronunciation right? What does peat taste like for you to recognize it in whisky? Fruit in whisky? Hell what is “Single Malt”? Blended whisky not good enough? Or are you just enamoured by the yarn that has been woven around the world of whiskies? I would have answered in the affirmative to all of the above questions a few years back.

But over the last years my passion became an obsession and the quest to find some answers and raise many more questions has egged me on to create this club.

SMAC was created with the intention of sharing with you my learning on the subject of Single Malt whisky. Having a passion for Single Malt whisky in the Sub continent can be taxing, and I am not talking about the steep taxes for our beloved scotch.

The ‘Amateur’ tag has been added to encourage members to speak out & ask questions shedding inhibitions.

Be a part of the first whisky club that will be visiting the distillery in Goa on 19thJan 2019 & indulge in an exclusive hosting by Paul John at the gorgeous new visitors center.

A tailor made tour of the famed distillery organised by SMAC & guided by the professionals of Paul John, followed by an exclusive tasting session. Appreciate the prodigious & fantastic whiskies produced at the distillery, along with other members of community.

And of course you can pick up some of these whiskies at the very source; some of these releases are exclusive to Goa.

While we are working to get the detailed itinerary in place please do register your interest to be a part of the memorable whisky pilgrimage.

ONLY 30 SLOTS AVAILABLE !! Form closes on 5th January 2019

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